Company profile

History and mission

Founded in 1988 by people with long experience in fiber optics and particularly skilled in optical connections, LighTech became soon a reference point to fiber optics manufacturers, users and installers for all kind of problems related to “light connections”.

Lightech has grown and diversified, but has continued to be faithful to fiber optics.

The company's professionalism, experience and flexibility means that it is able to quickly provide the best solution to every need with a high quality, technologically advanced product.

With a firm commitment to improving in quality and high reliability, LighTech has become recognized as a leader in light connection technology.

Several times LighTech developed its proprietary technology in order to meet customer's requirements; the know-how gained during the long activity and the technology currently owned by the company represents its major asset.

Today LighTech is the leading company in the domestic market and exports its products into many European and extra-UE countries.